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We build business value through technology.

We are Stack

We are a fast-growing UK-based Consulting & Platform-based Scale-up, led by Partners with over two decades of experience in the global tech industry. Our singular focus: Delivering bespoke, secure, sustainable technology-led business savings to you.

We do this by a dual approach of using our Consulting Arm and our fast-evolving Platforms. Our 80-strong UK-based Consulting team take a broad, bespoke view of your business to deliver technology-led business savings. Our Platform Services then allow you to sustain these savings on a monthly subscription-based model, by giving back control to you.

Whether resolving your multi-cloud cost challenges, cyber audit and compliance needs or digital consulting demands, we will rise to your challenge. Our three guiding values of unparalleled quality of service, effective communication and transparent pricing will always remain central to us.

Our Vision and Values

Our Purpose: Create a sustainable, profitable business that creates long-term success for all our stakeholders.

We will Partner with our clients, not just deliver a service.

Team Excellence is our goal, not just succeeding at an individual level.

Innovation, inside and out, will drive our direction.

Our Culture values authenticity and drives high levels of energy and fun.

Our Standards will ensure we aspire to challenge the professional services marketplace.

Our Brand signals integrity, honesty and value for money.

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