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Use Cloud to generate net new business

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Rising Cloud investments may not always lead to P&L GAINS

Reinvest savings from your Cloud Spend waste for your Business

  • Demand more by seeking out different questions. Ask to see Cloud spend show back or chargeback figures
  • Ask about how much of your Business’s Cloud spend is a ‘waste’. Dig deeper
  • Challenge yourself to think of techie terms such as “Cloud”, “DevOps”, “Compute” as business-side levers
  • Seek out how savings from already-committed or planned Cloud investments can finance your GTM ambitions

Deploy Cloud savings to improve revenue quality

  • Leave IT to deal with core IT change, by all means. But why leave money on the table with growth possible from Cloud-led better analytics and
    product development?
  • Investigate if your customer-facing SaaS applications can deal with unpredictable hyper-growth. You need instant, on-demand elasticity to scale across customer segments and geos!
  • Experiment with revenue and margin ‘hustling’ with deploying your Cloud infra with low-cost failures
  • Try ‘what-if’ simulations to see how Cloud-led business growth models can expedite sales growth and margin expansion

Sync up with your Cloud CoE to receive more value

  • Appoint someone from your senior team into your organization’s Cloud CoE. Start one if there is none!
  • Earn rich dividends from engaging via the CCoE – contribute business roadmaps and expectations, in return, get clear ideas on how best to use Cloud for your business use cases
  • Ask the CCoE how you could model Cloud into your Data and Application strategies to get business results
  • Measure the ROI of engaging with and through the CCoE – change the ways of working till get to desired levels

Get a constant stream of new digital ideas from outside

  • Tap into the market for what your peers, clients and competitors are doing for new digital ideas
  • Find what works better for you in terms of execution of these ideas – build bespoke approaches to win better and sooner
  • Negotiate with as much as learn from your key Cloud vendors and Services vendors to see how the market is changing
  • Avoid becoming an echo chamber of internal ideas by creating hackathons and competitions to pioneer new business models

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