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Data Custodian

Employment Type: Permanent/Full-Time

Location: Poland (Remote)


The DATA CUSTODIAN is the technical counterpart of Data Stewards and works in close cooperation with them. He is responsible for data related process management and represents the technical perspective of the coordination for specific data products. He supports the Data Steward & Data Product Owner in realizing functional requirements on operational level, incl. master and metadata management.


  • Ideate and implement technical solutions for functional requirements from Data Stewards Control data access:Data custodians ensure that only authorized people can access data.
  • Grant and revoke access to data as directed by the Data Product Owner
  • Support in the development of access rights and permissions
  • Uphold data integrity:The data custodian must maintain enterprise data accuracy and consistency.
  • This task requires them to perform data validation and auditing using standard technical processes.
  • A data custodians’ job includes resolving data quality issues with the help of data stewards.
  • Resolves data quality issues in partnership with Data Stewards
  • Ensures that changes to data content and controls can be audited
  • Investigate technical issues and methods of improving data quality metrics
  • Develop automated data cleansing solutions with the Data Stewards
  • Manage data storage:They should also ensure that versions of the data with a history of changes are stored alongside the latest version.
  • Support operational master / metadata management and documentation
  • Follows change management practices during maintenance of data
  • Inform Data Stewards if there are system changes that affect data processes or policies (e.g., upcoming system upgrades)
  • Protect data:Data custodians must employ the necessary technologies and processes to safeguard data, both physically and digitally.
  • Suggesting automated solutions for policy and standard enforcement

Skill Requirements:

  • Knows the RDI Data Mesh architecture, tools and practices
  • Has an architectural understanding of Data and Analytics practices and technology
  • Knows the DataOne / RDDM platform architecture, tools and practices
  • Data Storage: Snowflake
  • Access Management: Immuta
  • Data Observability: MonteCarlo
  • Data Catalog: Collibra

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