Lets MeetUp: Networking + Knowledge Building + Exchanging War Stories

Stack’s Illuminati Networking Groups are open communities and event platforms for Tech Enthusiasts to meet and share knowledge, build a network, and see what is working and what is not!

Our events cover a range of bespoke themes, covering Cloud, Cyber and Data themes.

Our network includes some of the best ambassadors around, from a blend of Architects, VPs, Heads of Cloud, CTOs, CIOs, and Cloud Evangelists. We are a diversely coloured population, facing different challenges at the team, programme, and enterprise levels. We fervently believe in supporting the advance of Cloud/ Cyber/ Data Engineering. These MeetUp are our platform for our communities to meet virtually or physically, and broaden all our knowledge, get real-life advice and ideas to help you succeed.

For more info, get in touch at events@stackstudio.digital or watch this space. Some other key links for you to keep a tab on where these events are happening:

Linkedin Illuminati group

Meetup Network group