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Multi-Cloud DevOps:

Work your Multi-Cloud environment better


A ton of DevOps tools may still not solve your AGILITY challenge

DevOps tools

Start with using Cloud-agnostic DevOps tools and templates

  • Avoid significant technical debt by avoiding siloed, Cloud vendor-native tools and templates
  • Easily shift applications to different Clouds to keep pace with changing
    business needs
  • Overarching tools & templates can speed up CI/CD processes
  • A “good time” to adopt DevOps best practices is by taking the first step today
DevOps tools
Monitoring tools in DevOps

Stay one level above the vendor Clouds - and the silos

  • Drive the use of a centralized Cloud delivery platform to avoid siloes
  • Give your DevOps leaders the insights to manage the entire Cloud
    delivery ecosystem
  • To use DevOps tools by vendor (AWS, Azure, GCP etc.) or by functional role (security, compliance, etc.) is going to slow you down
  • Monitoring tools in DevOps from a centralized platform shines light on
    blind spots
Multi-Cloud DevOps

Arbitrage Clouds - Cut costs and be nimble with Multi-Cloud DevOps

  • Use Extreme DevOps to be agile on the Cloud – Business will love you for it!
  • DevOps is your lever for Cloud vendor negotiations where you can lead from
    the front
  • And no, you are not going to be affected adversely when you have to adjust demand suddenly or face major disruptions
  • Shifting workloads between your Clouds is neither a challenge to achieve, nor a “nice to have” item anymore
Multi-Cloud DevOps
devops tools

SREs may hold the key to Multi-Cloud DevOps agility

  • Use SREs to manage a wider range of workloads by re-training your IT Administrators to become SREs
  • Great DevOps and SRE talent is hard to come by. Make sure the staff you already have are delivering to high productivity!
  • Talent shortage should not paralyse a DevOps function. Delegate and outsource to external parties as need be
  • If not already installed, the Site Reliability Engg function can pay rich dividends

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