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Multi-Cloud Excellence in
Action: Craft and Science

Use Cloud Centres of Excellence (CCoE) for business impact


CCoEs: 'Easy' to set up, tough to SUSTAIN

Accelerate Cloud adoption strategy by centralizing expertise in CCoEs

  • Accelerate Cloud adoption by centralizing expertise while reducing costs
    and risk
  • Use Architects as the lynchpin in CCoEs to challenge, initiate and support operating practices
  • Vest actual power in the CCoE to make it effective and build rotation to avoid it becoming an ‘ivory tower’
  • CCoE Accountability is key to ensure Cloud spend objectives are being met, beyond driving Cloud best practices

CCoEs can orchestrate Cloud strategy effectively

  • Lead in converting Board-level Cloud adoption strategy into practice and continue to refine & enforce them
  • Drive collaboration among Cloud finance, Cloud operations, Cloud security, app dev and enterprise architecture
  • Create a buzz – share best practices, workflows, alerts, and actions for the relevant functions!
  • Bring in expertise into the CCoE from outside – but keep majority of CCoE members from inside

CCoE as the "Business first"
goal keeper

  • Don’t miss the forest for the trees by making the CCoE all about technology, it is always about Business goals first
  • Play a direct role in controlling runaway Cloud costs amidst decentralised public Cloud access inside the organisation
  • No or low access to Business and IT Board is an early warning signal to resolve at the earliest
  • Co-opting Business into the CCoE starts with inducting members from non-tech community in your organisation

New Tech incubation and adoption as CCoE core purpose

  • Enhance use of new tech such as Containers with focused trials and proof of value experiments within the CCoE first
  • Try out new Cloud use cases for new idea incubation, working with Business
  • Factor in skill shortages, mismatches and rising costs of hiring without diluting this core purpose
  • Avoid making the CCoE all about internal issues and internal employees – rotate people and ideas!

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