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How Stack Recruited 24 Qualified Cloud Consultants in 5 Weeks

Discover Stack’s Secret to Hiring Specialized GCP & AWS Tech Talent Fast

Case Study on How Stack Recruited 25 Professionals in Less Than 3 Months On A Tight Budget

Overcoming Obstacles: Uncovering the Top 3 Challenges in Expanding Specialized Tech Teams

Fast-track Expansion: Our client was doubling their revenue since the last 3 years. This meant they needed rapid scaling for Sales, Marketing, Engineering & Consulting teams.

Requirement for Expertise: Our client could not hire just about any tech talent. They needed GCP & AWS consultants at an intermediate level that had more than just theoretical knowledge.

Cost-effective Rates: Hiring quality tech professionals in a specialized cloud space was tricky. Our client wanted to maintain at least 30-40% margins for the project to make sense.

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