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Rapid Team Ramp up Cloud Security Project – Campaign

How Stack Recruited 24 Qualified Cloud Consultants in 5 Weeks

Our case study on hiring & retaining cloud & tech consultants for a 6-month project for a £20Bn global IT services customer.

Here Are the 3 Major Challenges That, This Massive Recruitment Project Presented

Time: There was a need for a quick start because the project had to go live in 5 weeks and the complexity of the project required pre-training from our end.

Inability to hire remote-only: Looking at the scale & complexity of this project, the lack of an in-house team posed to be a major setback.

Lack of bench strength: There was a lack of on/off or remotely available specialised cloud consultants especially since most required a UK security-cleared team mandate.

The best part?

We completed the project on time while keeping the costs well within the client’s budget. Plus, as a result of this successful recruitment, our £20Bn global IT services managed to win 2 new business opportunities in the same month.

Do you want to know exactly what we did to hire that many experts that fast?

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