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FinOps: Thankfully, the 'Known Unknown'

Make Cloud financial management
work for you


FinOps Leader, your #1 CHALLENGE is decentralized Public Cloud buying!

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Lead with ideas on Cloud
cost management

  • Don’t be lulled into complacency with the words “Opex”, “on tap” and “elastic”! Cloud can cause massive cost creeps
  • Cloud Financial Management is as important as Cloud Security. Evangelize Cloud Finance Operations
  • Native vendor FinOps tools limit you to that Cloud flavour – straddle all your Cloud providers with an overarching FinOps capability
  • Decentralized Cloud use does not mean uncontrolled spend. Lead with workflow planning on Cloud use
cloud finops
cloud financial operations (FinOps)

Improve your Cloud budget forecasting efforts

  • With over 1M Cloud SKUs out there, your Cloud financial management becomes complex. Traditional budget forecasting methods wouldn’t work!
  • Lead with creating a flexible structure for Cloud cost management, budget forecasts and cross-functional coordination to cut waste
  • It is tough to corral the teams to spend better, but getting engineers to take action is key to better forecasting
  • Impossible as it may sound, review Cloud spend management, forecasting, and usage optimization together, not in isolation

Partner better with hyperscalers

  • Negotiation readiness can make a world of difference to your cloud cost management. How exactly to prepare better?
  • AWS, GCP or Azure are great hyper-scalers, but keeping options open with other Cloud Providers can open new frontiers
  • Playing hard with Cloud vendors on the supply side but having poor spend controls on the demand side can undo your gains quickly
  • There will indeed be different negotiation techniques for different deployment configs – ask us for our toolkit to sort through your options

Make money with FinOps.

Not just save.

  • Make more revenue opportunities by enabling Sales and Customer Services build ‘net new’ business opportunities
  • Assess if your clients can use your Cloud infrastructure – and then bill them for it
  • Create constructive competition among your CSPs for your client-specific use cases
  • Challenge Cloud spend waste to channelize these savings into client-facing incremental investments

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