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Bring back order into your Cloud estate

Improve visibility, reduce costs and bring in FinOps discipline


Our Consulting-led Cloud Technology Solutions to Conquering Multi-Cloud

As partners of leading technology platforms our clould management service provides customers with the best
multi-cloud solutions

Multi-Cloud Value - Yes.

Cloud Spend Waste - No!

  • Gain visibility into your multi-Cloud cost management with clear,
    real-time dashboards
  • Optimize and collaborate better to reduce your Cloud spend
  • Our Consulting-led Cloud management service reliably measures and shows what is going on in your Cloud estate
  • Time-boxed optimization and proven capabilities ensure our costs come out of your savings

Part-time Cloud Governance?

It's a full-time challenge!

  • See dynamic resource availability – right-size, rebalance, repeat
  • Track and report utilization metrics to align with your Cloud Business Strategy
  • Cutting the Cloud sprawl, automating provisioning, or just using RIs better does the trick
  • Setting up Governance rules and automating relentless will create sanity

24x7 Compliance Monitoring.

Instant, Automated Fixes.

  • Monitor against several cloud compliance standards – Fix gaps, or
    initiate workflow alerts
  • Drive Compliance measures always in relation to costs, waste and security, not in isolation
  • Cloud Audit? Sure, the audit trails, detailed logs and remediation notes will do the talking
  • Deploy audit trails, detailed logs and remediation notes for encouraging active compliance culture
  • Cover off all vulnerabilities with appropriate corrective and
    preventive measures

Monetize your Cloud services

Drive chargebacks, showbacks and automated billing!

  • Hold your internal customers accountable for their Cloud usage
  • Bill external customers – or showback and chargeback internal customers – with line-item level control
  • Deal with billing or chargeback complexity by using dynamic FinOps and demonstrate transparency or track purchase discounts
  • Use what-if analyses to play around with known or predictable scenarios

StackCloud : Cloud Economics Toolkit


Get a birds' eye view of your Cloud estate. Decide where to cut spend waste . Then sustain better Cloud economics.

Move to a better-suited Cloud flavour to get more business value and lower your

technical debt


Implement ways to automate, become agile, cut waste and align better to

demand patterns


Ace DevOps by releasing often, automating your releases better and getting more from every release


Manage your everyday Cloud Ops keeping an eye on Spend, Resources, Compliance

and billing

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Your multi-(public) Cloud estate is likely a complex, evolving and sophisticated operating model. Each of your hyperscalers would have provided their own toolset to manage their part of the Cloud estate but you need an over-arching capability that can look across all these Clouds to provide a single view of engineering, cost and, most importantly, business value. A good place to start is to do a Discovery exercise where you can gain visibility across the estate, identify engineering and deployment gaps. Then nail down the costs you are paying to the hyperscalers and all the other third parties.  Our no-obligations, free Discovery service is designed to help you gain just this 360 degree visibility. We have more information here.

    Yes, our partner platforms currently can connect with and ingest usage parameters from the three main hyperscalers, i.e., AWS, Azure and GCP. We can also work with other Public/Hybrid Cloud providers such as Oracle and IBM. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

    We usually budget between 3 to 7 working days to be able to produce an initial assessment report. For complex estates with many moving parts, we will be able to provide an estimate after an initial consultation.

    Our initial assessment report is designed to provide a comprehensive heat map of the various parameters of your Cloud estate. We focus mainly on the current state of Cloud cost commitments and the potential for savings you can receive. We benchmark your estate’s usage parameters, spend statistics and automation potential with our own experience at other clients to ensure that we provide a realistic, and not an overly optimistic, picture of the art of the possible.

    No, our Cloud management platform is not a black box to you. It will provide you with complete access to what information is being ingested, how it is being processed and what eventually comes out as outputs on efficiency, effectiveness and economics. It will be your platform, for you to leverage as you wish.