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Pay Less for More Cloud

Be relentless with making your
Cloud productive.

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    Estimates point to cloud spend waste of 32%.

    That is 32% more than what you need to spend.

    It is the V word. Companies using Cloud lack spend visibility. The road downhill starts from here.

    Data accuracy is the next challenge. Sort the data, and the spend will look just fine.

    People not owning their spend is yet another cultural obstacle on the way to turning

    around waste.

    Control Cloud spend waste before it dictates your infra agenda

    Is Cloud cost management (FinOps) important?

    Understanding the scale of Cloud spend waste can focus our mind

    Three Case Studies

    See how these clients have gained from implementing Cloud FinOps

    Operating Models

    We propose three intuitive and successful operating models in this section

    Implementing the FinOps function

    We detail out how right execution will bring real benefits to you

    How have others conquered their Cloud spend?

    Find some answers in our 4-part, 30-slide experience-based Playbook.