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GCP Talent Hiring Best Practices

GCP hiring managers!
ramping up your GCP hiring?

Discover 10 creative and highly effective Google Cloud Platform (GCP) hiring strategies.

PS... If you are a candidate, you don't want to miss this 🙂

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    Willing to pay top dollar for GCP expertise - but struggling to find them?

    GCP is in the top 7% of the in-demand jobs. No wonder this is a candidate market!

    Recruiters are playing catch-up with GCP's changing landscape, potentially missing the right 'skill mixes'

    DevRel - Developer Relations - is key to in-demand GCP skillsets. You will struggle to hire if DR is missing!

    Time-tested tips to hiring GCP talent. Period.

    Go to the GCP haunts of the candidates

    Find out where they hang out, and head there!

    Target passive GCP talent through Level 2 or 3 social media

    We explain ‘passive’, and ‘L2 or L3’.

    Tune your job ad with GCP Role specific M/S/N’s

    Two real examples for inspiration.

    Micro-site for GCP specific hiring branding?

    Why ever not, if you are going to need >100 a year?

    Try out outsourced employer branding

    Use this option if micro-sites are not your thing.

    Know your GCP-hiring competition

    Know thy competition, and all that. But how?

    Involve your “most needy” employees in GCP hiring

    Give your GCP experts a say in hiring their +1

    Refine your GCP hiring pitch/process constantly

    Progress is better than perfect.

    Improve your careers website experience

    Think about candidate persona and take-aways.

    What beyond GCP?

    GCP big hitters have other interests too.

    Take ten. Spread over 12 pages.

    Find some answers in our 4-part, 30-slide experience-based Playbook.